Grapplers Reacher Tool Tops Folding Version

When using a reaching tool to perform tasks around the house or obligations outside the house, individuals should have the capacity to believe that the reaching tool is tough and dependable. According to clients who have used the EZ Reacher that folds, it's only not as tough as it should be. Alternatively, the Grappler holds solid and stays dependable amid use. This is important regardless of what kind of tasks the client is performing.

The Variation between the EZ Reacher and Grappler

There are many differences between the EZ Reacher grapper and the Grappler, especially with regards to expanding. The EZ Reacher folds down for simple storage while the Grappler is a positively assembled reaching tool that is available in different sizes for when you require a more drawn out or shorter variant.


The EZ Reacher features "suction glass" grasps and the Grappler has adaptable "fingers" that easily grab things of varying shapes and sizes. Finally, the EZ Reacher's handle is shaped like a trigger while the Grappler's handle works much the same, aside from it has finger patterns for a superior hold.

A weakness with the EZ Reacher

The flaw in EZ Reacher's plan comes in where it folds for storage. Whenever broadened, rather than having one in number, nonstop shaft the way the Grappler does, the joint on the EZ Reacher turns into a weakness. Because there is a point of weakness, it flexes or can curve and break at the joint.

 One client had the EZ Reacher break on the second day of utilization when attempting to pick up a 19 ounce can. The client said, "The part that broke is made of blue plastic and is a weak spot between the two closures which are made of metal..." Other clients have said that when they attempt to pick something up, the EZ Reacher folds amid use.

Why the Grappler is So Much Stronger

There are no small areas on the shaft of the Grappler reaching tool, which makes it ideal for picking up more substantial things. Clients praise it for being one of the most grounded reaching tools created.

While the EZ Reacher may be an excellent family unit tool to use for extremely lightweight things, it is anything but a safe wagered with regards to anything weighing over only a few ounces.

 Those who are searching for a great quality reaching tool to pick up kitchen things like cans, dishes, pots or outside work like picking up litter and trash should stay with the Grappler. Demonstrated extreme and sufficiently able to handle difficult tasks, the Grappler reliably eclipses its rivals and performs well with all sorts of tasks.

The Grappler is created from aluminum and adaptable elastic parts and is made in the USA. It also accompanies a lifetime unconditional promise so if there's ever an issue; it tends to be replaced or discounted with no hassle.